Create Your Very Own DIY Fruit Cage

Making your own DIY fruit cage can be both rewarding and money-saving!

Fruit cages are great for keeping your fruits and vegetables safe from pests and animals. But, buying a fruit cage can be expensive.

Luckily, you can make your DIY fruit cage with some simple materials and tools.

Constructing a fruit cage will also allow you to customize it to better suit your needs.

DIY Fruit Cage Checklist

Before you start, we have put together a helpful checklist of the basic materials you will need.

PVC pipes

You will use PVC pipes to create the frame of your fruit cage. Make sure to get pipes that are at least 10 feet long and 6 inches in diameter. You could also use aluminium tubing or bamboo canes.

PVC connectors

PVC connectors will be used to join the PVC pipes together. You can find these at any hardware store.

Mesh netting

The mesh netting will be used to cover the fruit cage. Make sure to get a net that is made of durable material and has small holes.

Zip ties

Zip ties will be used to secure the mesh netting to the PVC frame.

DIY Fruit Cage Instructions

Now you have a rough idea of the materials required to build your very own DIY fruit cage, here are the instructions to get started.

Choose a location for your DIY fruit cage.

Location is key if you want to construct a solid vegetable cage, so make sure to pick a spot that is level and has good drainage.

It is also important to choose an area that gets plenty of sunlight.

Clear the area of any debris or rocks.

Use a shovel to dig around the perimeter of the cage, making sure that the hole is at least 6 inches deep. This will ensure that your cage is stable and secure.

Create the foundation of your DIY fruit cage.

Fill the hole with concrete and allow it to set. Once the concrete has dried, use a level to make sure that the foundation is level.

Assemble your PVC pipe frame

Using the PVC pipes, connectors, and zip ties, assemble the frame of your fruit cage. Make sure that the frame is sturdy and secure.

Cover the fruit cage with mesh netting

Once the frame is complete, it is time to cover the cage with mesh netting.

Make sure to secure the netting tightly with zip ties, so that animals cannot get in.

And there you have it! Your very own DIY fruit cage!

DIY Fruit Cage Tips

Here are a few tips to keep in mind when constructing your fruit cage.

1. Make sure that the PVC pipes are cut to the correct size.

2. Dry fit all of the pieces together before permanently attaching them with PVC glue or zip ties.

3. Use a level to make sure that the frame is level and square.

4. Make sure to use durable mesh netting that has small holes.

5. Use zip ties to securely attach the netting to the frame.

6. Make sure that the foundation of the cage is level and has good drainage.

Now that you know how to make your own fruit cage, there is no excuse not to get started right away. Not only will you save money, but you will also get the satisfaction of knowing that you built it yourself!