How and when to buy a bra for your daughter

It is not always an easy task to purchase a first bra for a girl. Some teens and teens are excited to start wearing bras. But others may not be so eager.  These are the steps to take to support your daughter as she reaches puberty.

When should I get my first bra?

The average age for the first bra is 11years old. Girls start wearing their first bra when they are eighteen. No matter what age, there may be several signs your daughter wants her first bra.

For your daughter who is interested in bra shopping

If she and her friends have begun wearing bras

If she feels uncomfortable with her chest

What is the best way to tell when your daughter needs a bra for school?

If your daughter isn’t as open to talking about bra shopping with you, you might need to bring up the topic. If your daughter has started to develop breast buds, it is most likely that she’s ready for shopping. This is the first indication of breast tissue.

Girls grow from the age of 8-14. So, it doesn’t matter when you buy your first bra. It is only when she feels ready.

If you’re unsure, just ask your daughter. And respect her wishes.

What purpose does a training bra serve?

A training bra is a good option if your little girl would like her first bra. A training bra is for teens and twins, who might not fit in adult bras. These lightweight starter bras offer a little bit of coverage to cover breast buds, nipples, and growing breasts. They are an excellent way to start wearing adult bras.

How can I choose my first bra?

For your daughter, it might be overwhelming to search for the right training bra at all the shops. If this is the situation, it may be a good idea to buy your first bra at your home. To save on shopping for bras, she can measure herself at home and search online for bras.

You should opt for quality over fashion when choosing a bra for your first time. You want your daughter to be comfortable throughout the day. You don’t need a bra with lace or a push-up for a few more years. These are the best bras to start with:

Crop tops – These bras are great for starting and should be worn when the nipples become visible

Soft cup bras When the breast tissue develops a bit more (usually a few months after wearing the crop top), then your daughter may be ready to try soft cupped bras. They can work as both teen and twin bras.

Padded bras– These will increase comfort if the skin is too dry.

Comfort bras –This bra avoids under wiring. It is useful during puberty, as it will not dig into the ribs. Wire free bras are best choice that gives you comfort, and with wire free bras, you can get the best of both worlds.

How can you make sure that your daughter’s bra fits?

Your bra must fit comfortably. Kids Health says that while a bra’s size won’t affect the growth or development of breast tissue, too small or too large can cause discomfort throughout your day. This will help ensure that your bra fits perfectly for your daughter.

Make sure her band is at the same level as her front and rear. Any arching means she’s wearing an incorrect size.

Be sure that the straps are not too tight or pulling down on the shoulders.

Avoid over spilling the cups or puckering.

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