Managing CBD Dosage

The most important part of using CBD is determining the dosage. You can plan how much CBD and how long you take by setting a fixed dosage.

  • Dosage of CBD Edibles or Capsules

It is easy to determine the CBD dose in edibles or capsules. These products are packaged in predetermined quantities, and the CBD content in each piece is predetermined.

These products don’t require you to use a scale to measure the dosage.

If you buy 20 tablets that have 20mg CBD per piece , each piece will contain 20/20=1mg. These packages make it easier for you to take your dose throughout the day.

  • Dosage of CBD Oils and Tinctures

These products require some effort on your part. You must measure the dosage of oil and tinctures every time. These usually come with a dropper that has a preset serving size.

The dropper will indicate 1ml of liquid which can be used as the baseline. If you have a 60ml container, there are 60 portions of 1ml each.

The strength of CBD is another factor that plays into oils and tinctures.

Dosages for CBD Vapes

Vapes can be measured in the same way as oils and tinctures. It all depends on the type of vape pen used and what tank it is in.

What is the right CBD dosage for me?

There is no universal answer. There are many factors that influence the amount of CBD you should take.

  • CBD strength
  • Delivery method
  • Body weight
  • The body’s chemistry
  • Medical condition

CBD absorption by the body

  • Capsules, edibles: 5–15%
  • Tinctures 20-30%
  • Vapes 40-50%

It is safer and easier to start with the lowest possible dose and increase gradually.

The ideal dosage for novices is 20mg-40mg CBD daily. You can increase the dose by 5mg per day if you experience significant effects.

If you have been prescribed CBD by your doctor, you can still take the recommended dose.

How do you calculate the dosage?

You might find information on some products such as CBD capsules, capsules, or pills that tells you how much CBD is in one serving. A CBD capsule may have a 5 mg/capsule indication.

Dropper bottles will be the most common way to receive CBD oil. There might be information on the packaging that shows how much CBD each drop contains. This will allow you to calculate the amount of CBD required for each drop.

Sometimes it is difficult to figure out how much CBD is actually in a drop. The label on each bottle indicates how much CBD is in it, but not exactly how much.

A drop of water equals approximately 0.05 milliliters (mL). This is one dropper.

200 drops of CBD oil are contained in a 10-mL CBD Oil bottle. Each drop of CBD oil contained in a 10-mL container will contain approximately 5 mg.

For 20mg, take four drops this CBD oil.

Talk to your doctor

Talking to your doctor about the right dosage of CBD is the best way to go. Some doctors may not be able provide CBD information, depending on your state’s laws. However, they might be able recommend high-quality brands or dosages. Talk to your doctor before you try CBD, especially if any of your medications are currently being taken.