Five Tips to Make Your Virtual Event More Engaging

Hosting an event is all about the audience engagement. It is even more difficult now that events are virtual. You need to include interactive elements into your virtual event in order to keep your audience interested throughout the event.

Virtual events are unique because everyone is different. Your goal is to amaze your audience with new elements and experiences. Continue reading to the end for the best virtual events ideas for 2021.

The Best and Most Proven Tips for Your Next Virtual Event to Engage With Audience

1. Send event bags to the attendees:

Your audience will be excited to receive a surprise package at their homes, just like everyone else. It’s a great way for your audience to get excited and engaged.

The bag can be filled with goodies that relate to your event theme. You can also send product samples to your attendees if you’re hosting a virtual event about a product launch. You can also fill the bag with personalized t-shirts, caps, and even wine bottles if your event doesn’t have a theme.

Your audience will be thrilled and, even if they had planned to miss your event entirely, they would still be touched by your kindness and attend your event.

2. Break the Ice with Gamification

Gamification is a great way to interact with others, whether it’s at a regular or virtual event.
Your audience can be motivated to engage with sponsors in order to earn points. The one who receives the most points will win a prize. You can also hold a contest in which you ask your audience to dress up and give everyone a good laugh.

A game can be conducted according to the atmosphere of the event. To get points, you can ask your audience to vote. The person with the most points wins formal events. There are many ideas. It is up to you to be creative and ingenious.

3. Create a Social Wall

A social wall can be used to communicate with your audience and is great for hosting virtual events. To delight your audience, you can gather all content from social media platforms. A hashtag campaign can be launched to encourage your audience to use the hashtag and post content on their social media accounts. They can either post photos with the person with whom they are attending, or tweet or post about their feelings about the event.

You can easily collect the content with a social media aggregater and publish it on a social network wall. This activity will make your audience more excited and encourage them to engage with it.

4. Include Entertainment at the Event

Engaging your audience by hiring entertainers or artists during an event is a great way of increasing their engagement. You can also hire an illustrator to draw illustrations during the event, especially if it is small.

You can hire comedians, magicians, and even a DJ for large-scale events.

5. You can keep the event theme:

If you have a theme for your event, it will make people more interested in the event. Virtual events are often seen as boring by many people. Keeping a theme will engage your audience.

A theme can be chosen according to the season, or a festival such as Christmas. If it is well executed and put together, a theme can also be chosen for formal events. This would provide a break for attendees and increase participation in the event.

Closing Note

Engagement of the audience is a key indicator of whether a virtual event is a success. Although it is difficult to conduct a virtual event and get the attention of the audience, you can instill excitement in your audience by using the strategies discussed in the blog. This will lead to engagement.

These brilliant ideas will help you plan your next virtual event.

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