Using a Driver: Tips for Escorts in London

Escorts in London use drivers for certain reasons such as convenience and safety. You might as well employ one if you’re working as an escort in this area. He can also be very helpful to get you out of bad situations in case you did. Aside from that here are other things that you can use the driver for:

Hiring a Driver as an Escort

You may ask him to walk you to the door of your customer. This way your client would be obliged to pay you upfront. You can give the money to the driver to safety.

You should use a code that can work for both you and your driver. This will help in case things go bad.

You should let your driver know where your room is if you would service in a hotel or a motel.

You should ask your driver to wait until you are done with the service.

Definitely, a driver can be really useful if you are working as an escort. Nevertheless, you should find a trustworthy driver that you can depend on. You are sure to be on the right track if you can have a driver that can also become your personal security as an escort.